Aluminized Leg boot Spats with optional Spring Steel Reusable Cage

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 Aluminized Leather, Aluminized Preox® or Aluminized Carbon Kevlar® Leg/Boot Spats With Optional Removable Spring Steel Cage

  • Available in Aluminized Leather, Aluminized Preox® or Aluminized Carbon Kevlar® (ACK)

  • Protects lower legs from molten metal splash/splatter

  • 16" upper leather top is curved to fit leg

  • Spring steel curved metatarsal protection bar over foot 

  • Reinforced rubber toe spat cover

  • Removable, spring steel cage supports for stability (if this option is selected)

  • Spring steel cage can be recycled once spat is unusable (order without cage)
  • Removable splash shield on front of leg is removable and can be replaced when no longer serviceable

  • Sizes: Regular and Jumbo

  • Sold In Pairs

Not sure which fabric is best for your environment? Contact us and ask for a test kit. The test simulates a molten splash so you can determine which fabrics will work for your employees under your specific plant conditions. We will be happy to send you fabrics and instructions for how to perform the test at your site.

Please search "Test Kit Fabrics", or call us at 1-800-863-7733

Silver Needle offers your company a variety of custom features including design options and color and fabric selections when purchasing in quantities.

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