Aluminized Fabric

Temperature Ratings


Aluminized Leather

UP TO 3000°

Splash Protection, Heat   Deflection, Best Wear Properties of all Aluminized Fabrics; Aluminized Leather (AL) Provides added protection against   radiant heat, hot sparks and sheds molten metal better than leather alone

Aluminized Preox®

UP TO 3000°

Splash Protection, Heat   Deflection; Aluminized Preox® offers high thermal insulation while   providing very good molten metal splash and radiant heat protection

Aluminized Carbon Kevlar®

UP TO 1000°

Heat Deflection, Medium   Heat Splash Protection; Aluminized Carbon   Kevlar® (ACK) is a highly flexible high heat fabric consisting of blended   CarbonX® and Kevlar® fibers which together provide a superb combination of   insulation and strength

Aluminized CarbonX®

UP TO 1500°

Heat Deflection, Medium   Heat Splash Protection; CarbonX® is a soft and   flexible fabric providing comfort and dexterity and offers substantially high   contact temperature resistance.

Aluminized PBI

UP TO 1000°

Medium Heat Deflection, Minor Splash Protection (back of   garment); Aluminized PBI (APBI) provides substantially low density   fabric delivering a superior level of comfort for heat resistant   clothing. Though more expensive than   some aluminized materials, APBI provides significant high heat contact   protection which when combined with its slimness provides supreme high heat   protection and superior comfort

Aluminized Kevlar®

UP TO 600°

Heat Deflection, Medium Heat Splash Protection; Kevlar® provides excellent protection in a light weight fabric   that when equally weighted proves five times tougher than steel. Kevlar®, the revolution in the field of   synthetic fibers: resistance to heat and flame, high performance for rigidity   and vibration absorption.

Aluminized Rayon

UP TO 450°

Aluminized Rayon fabric reflects a high percentage of radiant   heat and has good protection where heat is moderate and metal splash is   minimal