Silver Needle Inc.™ offers a molten metal splash test kit to help you make an informed decision about which fabrics and materials will offer the highest level of protection for your workers under your plant conditions.

     The test kit contains instructions for performing the test and sample swatches of Aluminized and FR fabrics with two layers of 2ML polypropylene plastic attached under the test fabric. The two layers of plastic represent human skin and react much like human skin when molten metal is poured onto the fabric. 

     Performing the tests on site in your plant under the actual physical conditions that workers are exposed to such as the ambient temperature, humidity, radiant heat, and other variables, will yield the most accurate results.

     The test was invented by Bobby J. Sasser of Reynolds Aluminum. This test method has been in use since the early 1980's and has been proven to have consistent and reliable results if performed exactly as the instructions suggest.

     To perform the test correctly, you must use a flat surface made of wood that can be placed at a 70 degree angle off horizontal (20 degrees off vertical.)  Using a surface made out of metal will not yield accurate results.  You will need 4 to 6 alligator clips to hold the fabric onto the flat surface so that it does not move. You will need a crucible with a 6 foot handle, 2 lbs. of the molten metal to be tested, and you will need to be wearing the appropriate protective clothing to perform the test.

     Call and tell us about your manufacturing process. We will assemble a kit containing fabrics that have tested well and have been proven to protect workers in similar conditions.

Test fabrics suited for your industry offered at $10.00 per fabric


  • Clip the test fabric to the flat surface making sure that the aluminized surface of the fabric, or the protective side of the FR fabric is facing up and the layers of plastic are underneath. Place the flat surface with the fabric at a 70 degree angle off horizontal. Nothing may interfere with the front of the fabric to be tested  


  • Use the 6 foot crucible to pour the 2 lbs. of molten metal from a height of exactly 12" inches above the fabric.  The pour must be done very fast (within 1/2 second) in order for it to accurately simulate a molten splash.


  • Let the sample cool.  Inspect the condition of the test fabric and the plastic underneath.   If the plastic has been burned through, it represents a 2nd degree burn.  If the plastic looks only slightly discolored or wrinkled, it would represent a "no burn" situation. 


  • You and your company must decide which fabric is best for your employees to wear. Silver Needle Inc.™ can only provide the samples for you to test, and informational sheets and videos for your company to review. We want to help in anyway we can and we are available for your questions.  We are interested in the results of your testing. Please let us know how the various fabrics performed with your tests. We can help other customers and manufacturers of the fabrics by letting them know how their fabrics held up when tested by actual users.

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