Personal information and security:

  • We do not require personal information to access our website. Personal information will be required to purchase items online, although you may contact Silver Needle Inc.™ by phone or fax should you prefer.
  • We provide industry links and the ability to communicate your experiences with us to other customers via our product review tabs.  We do not provide direct access to communication with our customers, or those simply browsing the Silver Needle Inc.™ online store.
  • Cookies allow us to view your visit to our store, but in no way permits the transmittal of any form of personal information to others.
  • We DO NOT use cookies to store personal or non-personal information, nor do we provide any collected personal information to outside sources.  We DO NOT collect personal information about our customers from outside sources such as public records or organizations without your express written consent. 
  • Providing your email contact information may result in promotional advertising or other forms of communication to be recognized. Should you desire to not receive such literature you may contact us directly by phone at 1-800-863-7733 or by email at to prevent further receipt of such communications.
  • We only use a Secure SSL Transmission process to obtain personal information, including but not limited to Name, address, telephone number, email address, and identifiers such a credit card information and website passwords.
  • Unless required by state of federal law, we shall never provide unauthorized access to your personal information.
  • We only maintain your personal financial information on file until your order or other prospects for obtaining such information have been processed and completed, at which time we securely dispose of such critical information.
  • Silver Needle Inc.™ applies company-wide rules, and security and technical measures to protect your personal information. All Silver Needle Inc.™ employees with express access to your personal information are officially and legally mandated to make every effort possible to protect your personal information against unauthorized access or use of any kind.