Guidelines for Wearing Our Flash Fire Extraction Suit


Please note the following for the proper fit and closure processes for your Flash Fire Suit:

  1. For correct fit, try on the garment before washing and wearing.

  2. Garment should fit loosely to ensure an additional air space between your body and the garment itself.

  3. Wash new garments before wearing to remove fabric processing aids/finishes.

  4. Wear flame resistant undergarments or undergarments made only of 100% cotton, silk, or wool. Undergarments should be non-melting, especially those worn against the skin. Undergarments that melt can increase burn injury due to adhesion to the skin.

  5. Street clothes, worn under the Extraction Suit should not be made from synthetic materials that melt under high heat conditions.

How to suit-up:

  1. Put respirator on first.

  2. Then put hood on. Hood must form a tight seal around the face of the shield and respirator. Hood drape must be placed inside the suit and must be flat. Hood should conform to shoulders and be smooth around the face with no pleats, wrinkles, or gaps.

  3. Next put on the Suit and zip up to the neck. Secure storm flap with the hook and loop smoothed to seal; allowing NO gaps or wrinkles. The tabs secure around the neck, wrists, and ankles in the same manner. Be sure all tabs are snug.

  4. Boots should fit properly and be rated for your industry.

  5. Gauntlet style gloves rated for high heat offer added protection and should be worn on the outside of the suit. They are secured with the hook and loop tabs below the elbow and should also be snug.

Please call with any questions, we're here to help keep you and your workers safe!