Flash Fire Extraction Suit System Additional Specs and Care Guide


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About You and Your Safety!

Washing Features of our Flash Fire Extraction Suit System:

The combined layers of the outer shell (7.5 oz. DuPont™ Nomex® and DuPont™ Quilted  Nomex® - 3015Q only) holds its shape and is washable and dry-able, and actually tested better after one wash and dry (the quilting fluffed allowing air pockets to provide more insulating qualities). Use any good detergent when washing your suit, and when drying DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENERS, which could cause fabric to ignite and burn under certain conditions!

YOUR SUIT HAS: plastic zippers with Nomex® tape and Nomex® hook and loop closures. All stitching is done with Nomex® or Kevlar® thread (Kevlar® for top stitching). Both Kevlar® and Nomex® thread will not burn.

YOUR SUIT HAS: a substantial storm flap connected to an overlapping Nero style collar, which is sewn across the bottom to eliminate the possibility of gases entering the opening at the bottom.

YOUR SUIT HAS: large hook and loop tabs on the neck, sleeves, and legs to allow you to “snug-up” all openings. We have taken care to reduce any chance of natural gases seeping into any opening reducing the possibility of a “mini-explosion” within your suit.


 Your Suit:

  • There is a pouch on the upper back of your suit. If ordered as a component of your system the pouch will contain an emergency retrieval lanyard. The lanyard is sewn into the interior of your suit and acts as a built-in retrievable system to quickly remove you from a flash fire situation by emergency personnel.
  • Your suit may be customized for fit. We have mock sizing garments and a sizing chart you will fill out to ensure proper fit. Your suit will be full cut to allow plenty of room for bending and moving. Wearing a garment that is full cut allows you more insulating qualities in case of a flash fire. NEVER WEAR A GARMENT THAT IS TOO TIGHT!
  • Your pullover hood and gloves have been created and tested with the same care as your suit. The hood is designed to fit snug around the mask you are wearing.

There should be absolutely NO SKIN showing anywhere on your body. Close the tabs tightly and guard your suit from grease and oil. Your suit was built to be washed and dried, but PLEASE REMEMBER; NO FABRIC SOFTENER!



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