Flame Retardant FR Nomex® IIIA Straight Bottom Work Shirt

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Straight Bottom Work Shirt in FR Nomex® IIIA

  • Available in Yellow 6.0 oz. or 7 oz. FR  Nomex® IIIA

  • 2 Chest pockets with flap

  • Button front closure

  • Pleated Cuff

  • Square Bottom 

  • No Tail

Garments made with Nomex® 111A offer an excellent value, lasting three to five times longer than other standard and protective fabrics, including 100% cotton and flame-retardant treated (FRT) cotton. This outstanding wear life can contribute to a company’s bottom-line savings. Garments made of Nomex® are as comfortable to wear as other everyday work clothing. Lightweight, breathable fabrics of Nomex® brand fiber are designed to transport moisture away from the skin, which helps wearers feel cool and dry. Wear tests show that fabric weight is the greatest factor in controlling garment comfort, and that the lightweight comfort of Nomex® is often preferred over other protective fabrics.

Not sure which fabric is best for your environment? Contact us and ask for a test kit. The test simulates a molten splash so you can determine which fabrics will work for your employees under your specific plant conditions. We will be happy to send you fabrics and instructions for how to perform the test at your site.

Please search "Test Kit Fabrics", or call us at 1-800-863-7733

Silver Needle offers your company a variety of custom features including design options and color and fabric selections when purchasing in quantities.

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