Safety is Key to Production and keeping employees safe is our primary focus. To help you create a safe and effective work environment, and to allow employees to achieve optimal performance leading to higher returns, Silver Needle Inc.™ has a consulting team ready to help custom design personal protective equipment (PPE) based on your specific company needs.  Our safety garments are manufactured at our facility to meet or exceed your industry standards.

     We began in the Molten Metals Industry and have continued to strive to make all environments a safer place to work.

We will:

  • Consult with management and key employees to evaluate your current safety policies          
  • Determine what government regulations pertain to your industry
  • Review any accident history involving clothing
  • Conduct an on-site inspection to evaluate job functions and job descriptions
  • Provide fabric test kits to determine the best protection possible for your employees
  • Determine influences such as weather, in plant temperatures, and humidity
  • Provide recommendations for employee safety and compliance structured around management goals and industry regulations

     Safety clothing is an investment in your company’s greatest assets; your employees. Determining if they can work and move in the garment comfortably is a critical part of your safety program. A garment can only offer protection if the worker puts it on and wears it properly.

     Silver Needle Inc.™ takes pride in providing innovative custom safety clothing designed for comfort and protection. Our patented Flash Fire Suit, Cryogenic Safety Suit, Cryogenic Gloves, and Fire Resistant (FR) Coveralls can be made to custom fit each of your workers.  

     We provide applicable sizing garments for our Flash Fire Suit made of materials that replicate the finished garment as close as possible. Using the sizing garment and our measurement chart, we can make your protective clothing a custom fit for your employees. Once in the sizing garment, the worker can determine what adjustments need to be made in the arms, legs, or body of the suit until they feel they have the proper fit. They may need it wider across the back, or shorter in the sleeves. Each garment is made to their specifications. We also embroider the individual’s name on the back of the neck with fire resistant thread. Offering sizing garments is just another example of our commitment to quality and service to our customers.  

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