Aluminized Cape Sleeve Bib

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 Cape Sleeve Bib for Foundry Applications

  • Cape-sleeve with 24" bib (longer bibs available, please call for pricing)
  • Our aluminized capes have rolled collars for added comfort and protection
  • Stitched with tough heat resistant Kevlar® thread 
  • Bib has adjustable back straps with hook and D-ring closures 
  • Heavy duty adjustable shiny snap closures on cuff help deflect heat
  • Available in Aluminized Carbon Kevlar®, Aluminized Leather, Aluminized Rayon (19 oz.), APBI, Aluminized Preox®

Aluminized materials are excellent for industrial environments where hazards, such as high heat, molten metal, or high-temperature steam exist. Workers are better protected by the unique insulation and heat reflective qualities of aluminized fabrics. With the ability to reflect radiant heat, these aluminized materials reduce the flow of convective or ambient heat by 50% or greater, and reduce the high-heat transfer by shedding both ferrous and non-ferrous molten metals splashed on clothing.

Kevlar provides excellent protection in a light weight fabric that when equally weighted proves five times tougher than steel.  

Not sure which fabric is best for your environment? Contact us and ask for a test kit. The test simulates a molten splash so you can determine which fabrics will work for your employees under your specific plant conditions. We will be happy to send you fabrics and instructions for how to perform the test at your site.Please search "Test Kit Fabrics", or call us at 1-800-863-7733

Silver Needle offers your company a variety of custom features including design options and color and fabric selections when purchasing in quantities.

Please call us with any questions and ask about quantity pricing at 1-800-863-7733