PBI High Heat Mitts with Reinforced Forefinger and Thumb Lined in 100% Wool

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PBI Reversible Molten Metal High Heat Mitts with Stainless Steel Mesh Overlay on Thumb/Index Finger and 100% Wool Lining

  • Molten Metal Splash Mitts
  • Index Finger & Thumb are Reinforced with Stainless Steel Mesh
  • 22 oz. PBI fabric (additional fabrics available, please call for slection and pricing)
  • This mitt is reversible and offers a 100% wool liner
  • Length: 14" or 18"
  • One size fits most

PBI (polybenzimidazole) stable fiber is an organic fiber that provides thermal stability for a wide range of high temperature applications. PBI fiber will not burn in air, it does not melt or drip, and it will retain its strength and flexibility after exposure to flame.  Decomposition temperature ≥ 1300° F.  Made in the USA.

Not sure which fabric is best for your environment? Contact us and ask for a test kit. The test simulates a molten splash so you can determine which fabrics will work for your employees under your plant conditions. We will be happy to send you fabrics and instructions for how to perform the test at your site. Please call us at 1-800-863-7733.

Silver Needle offers your company a variety of custom features including design options and color and fabric selections when purchasing in quantities.

Please call us with any questions and ask about quantity pricing